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My Journey To Perfection [entries|friends|calendar]
I Will Be Perfect & Flawless

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[24 Mar 2006|09:52am]

Wow, this community hasn't seen any action in a while...kinda like me :-P

How's everybody doing in their journey to perfection? And I want AT LEAST 10 answers people!

will achieve perfection

[13 Aug 2005|11:32am]

I never thought I was very big. Yes, beach pictures from the past few years embarassed me to look at, or have people see, but I was never really worried about myself.

Then this year, I started a conditioning program to get in shape for soccer. Within a few weeks, I was getting compliments on how great I looked, and how I'd lost weight. I can't wait to see this year's beach pictures.. =)
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x-posted. [23 May 2005|03:27am]

[ mood | not sleepy, yet. ]

boredom leads to many things. tonight, i was led by boredom to creating a new account at hotmail and photobucket, scrolling around only some of my pictures, and finding these.

progress picturesCollapse )

this is my real journal. i made another one around fall of zero four. deathlytrying was my ana / SI journal.

i have neglected it, but i think i will start updating in there for now.

keep strong, ladies!

toodles and love,
6 Beauties|will achieve perfection

[07 Apr 2005|10:12am]

hey people, join _superfabul0us
will achieve perfection

[27 Mar 2005|04:29pm]

so hows everyone doing with their pursuit of perfection?
will achieve perfection

[16 Feb 2005|02:13pm]

ok so i have no idea what i last posted because that was awhile ago. sorry. and i'm not quite sure what it is that i want to perfect anymore. i just know that i don't like who i am. does anyone know of any self-esteem books? i think i need one right about now..
1 Beauties|will achieve perfection

[15 Feb 2005|11:45am]

so, ive changed what i want to be since i posted my goals last.

1. im not that fussed about my weight. i mean, i weigh quitre a lot, but i think i carry it well and i dont look fat or anything. im just realy curvy, which i think i prefer.
2. id like to be a nicer person, still. from now on, ill try to call my mates whenever i know theyre feeling down, and try to cheer people up.
3. ill return all phone calls/texts, rather than just ignoring them.
4. i will try to be a better catholic. woot 4 charismatics.
will achieve perfection

Been Awhile. [01 Feb 2005|12:01pm]

[ mood | rejuvenated ]

Alright, so haven't posted in awhile, but ya know, I'm a slacker. Two years ago, I was really heavy into ana, and when I reached my goal weight, I slowly began to eat like a normal person again (god, and I an idiot or what?) anyway, I tried to get back into ana recently and it never worked, but today, I just woke up and was like, hmm... I don't want to eat today. Or, ever, for that matter. YAY! Anyway, I'm excited to be introduced to some new goals by the *awesome* mod. When this was active, it was SO inspiring!
xo! Audrey

1 Beauties|will achieve perfection

[26 Jan 2005|01:41pm]

hey everyone

ok, diet so far:

boring. but not too badCollapse )
will achieve perfection

[26 Jan 2005|01:40pm]

Ok. Inspired by dear_lavinia, im going tp post my diet plan which I just made on here in the hope that the fact that my friends knowing I am trying to lose weight will motivate me. I mean, normally I don’t tell people, but that means no-one knows im trying and so I give up because I know people wont notice if im not losing weight, as opposed to if they do know.
See, I love my friends, they help me just by being there! Love you guys!

you can read this if youre really interestedCollapse )
will achieve perfection

[06 Jan 2005|11:08pm]


something that keeps getting shown on TVCollapse )

xposted around, sorry if you're seeing double :)
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::sigh:: [23 Dec 2004|09:28am]

[ mood | blank ]

So i feel that i must say the guy that i liked/ i got to h/u with doesn't like me. or at least he only wants to be around me,when another girl isn't there. IT really sucks! but, there is a plus to this. A guy from our rival school clarkstown south has been talkin to me alot online. We hungout at their homecoming back in oct. Hes seems really sweet and i think over winter break i want to hangout with him again. he said he really likes me. If he does thats awsome! but i still like this kid jay the guy i h/ued with and likes to hangwith me when the other girls not around. HELP ME OUT!

Love ya<3


will achieve perfection

[15 Dec 2004|02:26pm]


im so stupid

i just had to break into my own house.

well, been at jodis since about 11 after english lit exam, just being blah, then had to go home as i said id be home by about 1.30. so, got home, only to remember i forgot my keys. i think, oh thats ok, ill just use the spare key in the garage. so, walk up the side of the house, and abruptly stop as i see the newly-bulit security gate plus bolted lock that only yesterday replaced the nice, easy-to-open broken down gate. so i cant get into my garden. dragged that tine bath that the builders are using to mix cement over and tried to stand on it to climb over the gate, but my arms arent that strong. after a few minutes and about 6 tries at using the bath, i saw my neighbours wheelie-bin in front of their house, which is where ours usualy is but its in the garden atm. so, dragged the wheelie bin up to the gate-luckily my neighbours were at school/work-and managed to climb onto it over the gate, onto our wheelie bin which was right by the fence. got the key, climbed back over (forgot that i could now go through the gate...duh) and unlocked the fron door. called mum to let her know i was home.

me: hey, im home. you know, i just realied that its really easy to get into our house. (i give an account of what i just did, without actually telling her i did it)
mum: yes but youd have to know where the key is in the garage.
mum:(laughs) why, is that what you just did?
me: maybe.
mum: (laughs again)ok. can you hoover for me?

jeez. is it so hard to believe that i might actually be a hardened criminal? im BAD, i tell you. BAD TO THE VERY BAD BONE.
anyway, so then i went THROUGH the gate, not over it this time, to put the bath and the bin where they were and get my stuff, which id put on the floor because it weighed me down.
mum just called me again and asked me to do the washing also.

im BAD.

*goes to turn machine on*
will achieve perfection

[11 Dec 2004|11:03am]

[ mood | calm ]

Hello haven't written in here in a loonnng time. what i want to perfect has changed since the last time i wrote.

1. I want a flatter stomach still =P
2. I want more confidence
3. I want my times to go down in track
4. I want to get bigger. so i can be as big as the girls in college who play lacrosse.
5. Most of all I want this guy that i like to ask me out already!

anyway I love you guys comment if you have ways you can help me or even hey
I always lookin for new friends so Add mE <3 <3 <3


3 Beauties|will achieve perfection

[08 Dec 2004|05:44pm]

hm, well, even though imma mod i rarely post here-im more of a commenter. so here are my goals for perfection:

1. get to about 9 stone 6. im 10 9 right now, and im 5"9 and a half. id like to do this in about 2 months, so by about february.
2. try to be a good christian, by which i mean read some bible every day and actually try to apply it to life, rather than just feeling smug about only doing the former.
3. do some exercise/yoga everyday. about an hour before school would be good, but i can rarely discipline myself to get up that early, so early nights for me!
4. get all my coursework done to a good standard and on time.
5. try to be as nice as i can, offering valuable advice rather than just criticism.
will achieve perfection

New Years resolution [08 Dec 2004|01:09am]

OK OK LADIES, i know, i know, I'm a bad Main Mod, but thats why I added so many other mods, its hard without people posting. Plus I've been having some issues on focusing on school, and weight loss turned into weight gain, but nonetheless, a new year is coming up, and its going to be a great year

not just for me, for but u also.

I'm leaving the country on the 16th but I'll be back by the first week If not I'll post from there. So I'm going to make my new years resolution. Meaning, I'm going to state out stuff that I will promise to follow as of Jan 1st 2005 once the clock hits 12 with all the fire works.

SO ladies list all your new years resolution below. 1 or more is good, but definitely one.


* No more junkfood- Mcdonalds -> chinese (crying)->pasta (not natural)- cakes (except occasions)
* Exercise at least 30-45mins everyday (I'm buying DDR so I'll start Dec)
* if I don't have any thing good to say, I won't say it (lol meaning i can't tell them I have nothing good to say) I'll just be polite and smile

so basically, exercise, eat well, be nice to a degree =)

and to those who were strong enough to attain their goals, feel free to leave u're tips, nothings too small =) luv Mod

and to those who've been trying to join, I'm soooo sorry, I can't apologize enough, I can add u know before I travel if not the mods will do it =)
4 Beauties|will achieve perfection

[25 Nov 2004|12:33pm]

this is meCollapse )

how do i make myself perfect?
2 Beauties|will achieve perfection

[22 Nov 2004|06:07pm]

I'm doing a research project for a psychology class and I decided to do something with people's hair colors.
It's just an 8 question thingies and if you could help out that would be AWESOME!

fun psych research!Collapse )
Thanks for your time and for your help. I really appreciate it!
I can post the results when I'm finished if you'd like.
Oh, and if you would like to help, but don't want to answer here, you can totally email me at:

Thanks again!

x-posted all over
14 Beauties|will achieve perfection

[21 Nov 2004|03:11pm]

Hey all!

You probably don't know me, but I've been a member a while. Anyway, you all give me a yay because I've lost 6 kilos this month (12 pounds, I think)! I've lost 25 (50 pounds) by last year, but I've gained back ten, so four kilos more to my lowest point, and ten more to finally reach my golden weight. Hope you got that, lol.

Yay again! ^_^
3 Beauties|will achieve perfection

[13 Nov 2004|03:50pm]

Hey, well, nobody has posted for a while, so I thought I'd get the ball rolling.

What is everyones most inspirational song, or the one you listen to when you feel like life is geting on top of you?
5 Beauties|will achieve perfection

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